Bi-Monthly Themes

Daily Physical Activity: Building Healthy Habits


Many fitness plans are based on "becoming fit in the next two months".  The idea is that you can change what you do in a relatively short period of time (two to three months).  The key to building a positive habit is that you "do it without thinking" about it or reminding yourself (like brushing your teeth).


Every two months we will have another DPA theme.  This will give you six chances a year to start on the path to Daily Physical Activity.  In 2010 - 2011 the six themes will be:

Bi-Monthly Themes
January/February Skipping and Walking      
March/April School and Backyard Games Track and Field Fitness    
May/June Tossing Throwing Kicking .  .  .  .  .
July/August Riding and Swimming      
September/October          Safe to School      
November/December Stretching Core Activities Isometric Exercises  








This article gives a bit of background on how long it takes to do something without thinking to turn an action into a healthy habit.