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            School District 71's Math Resources Web Page.

  Welcome to the district's math web page.  Please contact Cheryl if you have any questions, or would like to request support for your classroom.



What's new?!!

Thanks to the great math teachers - especially in SD71!  A real highlight in many schools has been our math inquiry focus this year.  Click on the Multigrade Resources link to the left to find out more about our Math Inquiry Template.  This aligns really well with the transformed BC curriculum.

If you are looking for End of Year Math Assessments, click on the Teacher Resources tab (above) to find an assessment per grade that includes a partitioning problem, conference questions that cover key number sense concepts and quick written-responses by students.

New math reads include: "What's Your Math Problem!?! (Linda Gojak), Building Mathematical Comprehension (Laney Sammons), Math Expressions (Cathy Marks Krpan), Math Sense (Christine Moynihan) and What Successful Math Teachers Do, Grades 6-12 (Alfred Posamentier & Daniel Jaye)